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The Sandwich Generation

Spread between the many layers

Of family members’ needs,

The Sandwich Generation

Tries its best to keep the heid.

Rushing, always busy;

Doing, listening, being there,

Making sure that needs are met

With mid-life loving care.

Sometimes feeling scunnered

That the time they thought was theirs

Is taken up with sorting stuff

Like chair-lifts for the stairs…

…And visits to the hospital

And choosing sticks or zimmers

And helping with a change of clothes

And making lunch or dinners.

Sometimes just not able

To fit all their own stuff in,

Like work and friends and yoga,

Trips and visits to the gym.

Sometimes feeling lucky

That they do have time to spend

With someone that they dearly love

Before their life might end.

Often juggling this and that

Of family members’ needs,

The Sandwich Generation

Tries it’s best to keep the heid…

© Jane Milne 2017

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