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'How can you help me Jane?'

Well, I'm not sure what you need help with, so let's look at some of the most common issues that my other lovely clients come along with:

  • Feeling fed up with life in general, feeling flat, stuck and unfulfilled.

  • Finding it difficult to deal with a loss or other unexpected curve ball that life's thrown at them.

  • Struggling with the changes and challenges that mid-life or menopause is presenting them with.

  • Feeling like nobody understands how they feel.

  • Wanting to break a 'bad' habit.

  • Feeling sandwiched between 'being there' for other people and not having enough time for themselves.

  • Being unhappy in their job or career. Wishing they could make a change but thinking - for many different reasons - they can't.

  • Feeling discontent in a relationship but worried about the consequences of making any changes.

  • Wanting to change their lifestyle (for example; become more active, eat more healthily, start a new hobby) but struggling with motivation, and finding it hard to stick to any changes they do manage to make.

  • Feeling held back, especially in trying new things or making changes, by worrying too much about what people think.

  • Having too much whirling around in their head and wanting some clearer head space.

I might have missed exactly what's going on for you, it's not an exhaustive list. But that doesn't really matter.

For every one of these issues (and the multitude of others that my lovely clients present with), the thing that sets the foundation for my way of helping - without exception - is providing a compassionate, confidential, non-judgemental and genuinely 'I'm gunning for you' space to talk things through.

Listening to you, deeply, properly, listening to you - helping you to express yourself then hearing you and understanding what's going on for you in a way that you've maybe never experienced before - that's the bedrock of my way of helping.

Then, well then it does depend on what specifically you need help with. I might give you 'homework', set you some goals, work through some exercises with you, I'll more often than not encourage you to start a journal, I'll maybe encourage you to check in with me between sessions, I'll maybe signpost you to books or articles or other people who might be able to help you in a different way or better than me, I'll be your accountability buddy, I'll share my knowledge but I'll also encourage you to become more knowledgeable yourself.

Having said all of that, every one of our sessions, whether over the phone or face to face, will have at its beating heart a space - a space for you to talk, to share what's going on for you, to express and explore your thoughts and feelings, to monitor your progress and for us to celebrate the sense of 'getting to know you better' and empowerment you'll experience during our unique coach to client relationship.

I do hope that's helped answer your question... 💙

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