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About me

Hello, I'm Jane.

After many years of helping and supporting people - both personally and professionally- in many different ways, I've nestled into a role that I love as a women's Wellbeing Coach.

As well as being a qualified coach, I'm a bereavement counsellor and have various certificates in other forms of counselling. But more important than the certificates on my walls are the skills, abilities, empathy and understanding that evolved (and still evolves) from my own life experiences and learnings.


I'm a mum to three incredible humans, I was heart-broken by the sudden death of my dad, I married my best pal from school,  I'm daughter and chief support to my elderly mum, I've been touched by suicide, I'm a sister, I'm a friend who treasures her friends, I've worked through friendship ties breaking when they no longer serve me or my friends, I've been a Samaritan, a Race Director, a Medical Rep, a Hygiene Consultant, a Company Director, a Breast Cancer Care co-ordinator, a Bereavement Counsellor, and a music therapist (of sorts, I can't read a note!)

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I felt constrained when I had my 'Counsellor' hat on. I was also aware that some people are put off seeking help by the very notion of 'going for counselling'. I wanted to combine the counselling skills I have, in helping women feel valued, heard and understood, with the coaching skills I've acquired, in helping women sit better with their stresses, uncover their inner strengths and make positive life changes.

I just wanted to use my own experiences and my skills to help women be more well.

Wellbeing Coach.


A bit more about me - I'm menopausal but now almost symptom-free - I don't know whether the hot flushes and insomnia were ready to go or whether it was down to my new nutrition and lifestyle regime - but I'm delighted they've gone (and I'm always happy to share what seems to have worked for me).  

I'm a Women V Cancer fundraiser and awareness-raiser, I'm passionate about equality and inclusion, I love to cycle, I love to run, I love to sing, I practice yoga, I've published one little book, I love to write, I'm a poet of sorts and I have more than a passing interest in creating a society that puts its mental and emotional wellbeing on a par with its physical.

I'm grateful for lots of things in my life, one of them being the gift of being genuinely curious and concerned about how people are. It feels like a privilege every time someone opens up to me, which they often do, even when they were least expecting to. I'm grateful for that something-I-can't-quite-put-my-finger-on, something that seems to be part of my being, which sets people at ease, makes them feel valued and comfortable, encourages them to share their thoughts and fears, and gives them the courage to explore how they can live their lives better...  

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