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£55 per session

No one else is experiencing life in the same way as you.


Your thoughts, fears, needs and wants will be different from the next person's. You're unique.


So, the way I'll work with you will be unique, tailored to you.

We'll talk and you'll be genuinely heard, valued and understood in a way you might never have been before. I don't work to any particular 'model', though an emphasis on self-care is ever-present. I aim to help you believe in yourself and move forward in a better way. 

Together we'll work towards you feeling emotionally, physically and mentally more healthy, maybe discovering aspects of yourself - or even who you really are - for the first time. 


We'll explore, and get to the nitty gritty with, your habits. We'll explore what stops you doing things - it's usually that annoying inner voice, those thoughts, that tells us we're not good enough, worries us that we're going to fail, or bothers us with 'what will they think?' And I'll hold you accountable - with compassion and care - while you step out of your comfort zone, take action, and take one step at a time towards doing those things you've been wanting to do, or putting off, for a long time...

We'll assess where you're at with your general wellbeing, with such things as how well you nourish yourself, how well you sleep, how active you are, what aspects of life you're struggling with at the moment, what you'd like to change, how well your home and work environment serves you, the weight you give to self-care...then work towards you making the necessary changes you need to make to improve your wellbeing and reach any goals you have.

I might support you between sessions -that can be in all sorts of ways, but it's something we'll agree and set boundaries on together.


No matter whether you spend one session with me or more, my goal will be to build the solid foundation of wellbeing we all need to live a more balanced, healthier life - with all its imperfections, joyous moments, challenges and everything else in between.

Contact me to arrange a phone call exploratory session. This is free of charge, is really informal and will take about 30 minutes. It's an opportunity for you to ask questions and for me to consider how best I can support you.


Once you've decided if I'm the coach for you, we'll arrange a date for our first session.

Our sessions will be held either by phone or zoom - whichever you'd prefer.


Sessions cost £55 and last for one hour. You can either pay per session, or commit to a series of sessions - we'll discuss this and any other options that might be more suitable for you during our exploratory call


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