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Do you feel stuck?


Have you lost your motivation?


Has 'caring for yourself' fallen way  down your list of priorities?

Are there changes you know you'd like to make but can't seem to take the first steps to making them? 

Do you want to live your life better?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes then I can help

My name is Jane and I specialise in helping women just like you

How I can help

First and foremost by listening - really listening. I want you to feel valued and understood in a way you maybe never have before. Then, together, we'll address what's going on for you.


We'll work together on actions you can take, changes you can make and I'll motivate and encourage you while you regain a sense of control. Together we'll work on building you up again, always with compassion, and always at your own pace. 

My style of coaching isn't 'all-singing-and-all-dancing-that-promises-you-the world' and it doesn't offer a generic model or programme. What it does do is offer you a compassionate space with someone who really wants to work things through with you and be your cheerleader while you take the actions required to help you live in a much healthier and fulfilling way. 


I'm basically here to provide you with a confidential space to unload, untangle and move forward in a better way with your life.


Take control and embrace the best version of yourself


I'm a middle aged woman with many years of experience in helping and supporting people - both personally and professionally - in many different ways, but I've nestled now into a role that I love, specialising as a women's Wellbeing Coach.


My own personal experiences of the things that life has possibly thrown at you, and the paths that I've followed in improving my own wellbeing, is mainly what shapes who I am and how I work.

Who I Am




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Women Voting


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